LM's Story - Feb. 2012

LOCATION: Western Canada   --   DIAGNOSIS: Post-Lyme syndrome

In 1992 I was infected with Lyme disease in BC, Canada. I was in my 30's. I finally got a diagnosis after almost a decade of deterioration that ended with hospitalization and a year of being bed-ridden.

I had literally DOZENS of the symptoms of Lyme Disease - tremors, crazy thoughts, fibromyalgia pain and extreme fatigue. I saw dozens of doctors and got many wrong diagnoses before I started treatment with the traditional high-dose antibiotics. After more than 5 years of taking practically every high-dose antibiotic in the Lyme arsenal, I had recovered only 30% of my health, and suffered heart-breaking relapses every few months.

I spent many thousands of dollars on treatment, I lost close relationships, and had a big hole blown in my career.

I switched to the MP in 2007. The treatment was a steady uphill grind but I had no relapses (though there were ups and downs).

At the six-month mark, I had a breakthrough on the MP - a lot of the pain relented, my mind cleared up, and I could feel my life coming back to me. After about about a year, I had made more progress than in 5 years of high-dose treatment. It was a miracle! 

The MP was a tough road for about 3 years but I am so glad I didn't give up. I actually returned to work after 2-1/2 years. Now, after 5 years, I am enjoying 95% of full health and truly have my life back.

The MP is far cheaper than the high-dose antibiotic route because the number of supplements it uses are minimal and it uses simple oral medications - about $6 a day all-in.

High dose antibiotics saved my life, but the MP has RESTORED my life!

Sincerely, and with gratitude.


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