www.MPKB.org                - the MP Knowledge Base, a concise reference

www.Bacteriality.com  - the science behind the MP, patient interviews

www.MarshallProtocol.com/conferences - online presentation about all things MP, by Dr. Trevor Marshall, PhD

www.MarshallProtocol.com - the main patient study site of the MP (online forum)

www.youtube.com/user/DrTrevorMarshall - Dr. Marshall's presentations at conferences worldwide

www.CureMyTh1.org    - helpful info about being on the MP

www.MP-Lifestyles.org  - a practical help and support forum for those on the MP

www.AutoimmunityResearch.org     - the charitable Foundation behind the MP

www.TrevorMarshall.com  - website of the developer of the MP science - papers and presentations


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